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Product Summary

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Luxium is the only product in the market that is focused on helping stadiums manage and grow their revenues and profits from luxury suites.

Manage Suite Inventory

Luxium is a suite management solution designed to enhance the client-stadium relationship and promote a more profitable operating environment for stadium personnel. It does this through a centralized database that enables luxury suite managers to optimally manage their suite inventory, thus ensuring that you get the most revenue from every suite for every game and event. By automating the entire suite sales and management lifecycle, Luxium minimizes time required for data management and other administrative duties, which allows sales representatives to focus on their real job – selling!

Maximize Suite Revenues

In an environment where suite fatigue from too many events, return on investment and economic concerns are resulting in fewer full suite renewals, Luxium offers the ability to easily set up and effortlessly manage complex fractional suite leases. Luxium enables stadiums to set up events and automatically assign these to clients depending on existing contracts.  Luxium also allows stadiums to manage food and merchandise sales to their luxury suite clients from a central location. As a result, stadiums are able to maximize revenues from their suite revenues while improving customer satisfaction and reducing stadium administrative costs.

Enhance Customer Relationships

Luxium also incorporates powerful customer management features that provide a convenient way to manage all client and event information amongst all organizational departments.  More importantly, Luxium comes with an additional web-based module called My Executive Assistant (My EA), which offers a convenient way for suite holders to manage every aspect of their personal account, manage their guest tickets and guest information, order food, plan an event, and request additional rentals; all done on-line, with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

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Welcome to the Next Generation of Suite Management Solutions
Luxium unifies disparate information sources across the enterprise and suite owners and provides an entire history of individual client relationships, outlining their specific needs, preferences, attributes, and expectations. Luxium provides a high degree of client-stadium and cross departmental interaction and knowledge sharing. Luxium increases data accuracy and improves information retrieval with highly reduced administrative efforts. Luxium provides configurable and personalized suite management solution, enabling each and every user to only display information that is most logical and practical for their personal use.