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Key Features

  • Allows stadium management to spilt leases and automatically set event rotation based on specific criteria, such as suite share percentage
  • Allows stadium personnel to rapidly create stadium rentals using Luxium’s Suite Floor graphical diagrams
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities allow users to better capture their client’s interests, attributes, and overall preferences
  • Low-risk deployment that accelerates time to results and reduces implementation costs
  • Web-based tool allows suite owners to invite guests, track confirmations, order food and beverage (as well as souvenirs) and maintain statistics on their own suites – all over the internet

Benefits (by Role)

Suite Owner:

  • Enable full control through an on-line, real-time access to suite account
  • Get better visibility into upcoming events and ticket distribution to make optimal use of tickets
  • Easily manage guest ticket information, order items from the stadium’s catering menu, plan an event, etc.
  • Access previously unavailable options to manage and use the suite including automatic invitations and acceptance information
  • Improved reporting to allow Suite Holders to better see their Return on Investment
Stadium Marketing and Sales:
  • Create fractional suite options that dramatically expand the number of possible prospects
  • Effectively gauge pricing and positioning strategies to maximize per suite fees
  • Prospect and qualify potential clients using data on who attended what event as guests
  • Improve client profiling
  • Better identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Understand and promote individual rentals to avoid dark suites
Stadium Suite Director:
  • Generate flexible and in-depth reports, allowing revenue projections based on live and up to the minute information
  • Automate tracking and recording of data from disparate sources, saving time and improving productivity
  • Automate processes that allow Suite Director’s to spend more time supporting sales and attending to face-to-face client issues
Event Development Managers:
  • Easily organize and schedule events with point and click technology
  • Seamless transition between activities, from creating and announcing events to sending direct email event alerts
Stadium Catering Manager:
  • User-friendly graphical interface that enables quick and intuitive navigation, add and delete options, and the ability to create electronic forms
  • Special notifications, such as allergy alerts, all to enhance customer relationship
  • Allows customers to shop on line thereby increasing the buying opportunity
Stadium CFO:
  • Identify trends and track business activity with real-time and up-to-date reporting capabilities
  • Classify specific suite and client information for accurate forecasting and budgeting
  • Receive real-time information on suite profitability
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