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Product Architecture

Luxium is built on industry-leading Microsoft .NET technology.  As a result, it offers tight integration with day-to-day Microsoft applications (like Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint), thereby enabling easy import and export of data.  The simplicity of Luxium makes it very easy for the layman to understand. Luxium is also designed to interact with your other software to maximize effectiveness of all of your systems.

Front End

At the front-end is an intuitive, point-and -click User Interface that builds on the MS Outlook appearance helping make the transition much easier. 

Back End

At the back-end is the standard MS SQL Server database that stores client information and transaction logs.  The system relies on Microsoft’s security protocol (https) to enable remote log-in and management by clients.

Components of the Luxium Suite

Component Description
Sales Assistant Better develop pricing and positioning strategies, prospect and qualify clients, and identify opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell stadium products and services.
Food Assistant Create and receive electronic forms for food orders and menus, as well as capture allergy information and other client preferences.
Event Assistant Create, announce and automatically assign events based upon specific profile information. Instant visual access to suite reservation information with a convenient graphical facility diagram.
System Administration Configure different fields to better suit the customer’s needs.
My Executive Assistant (My EA) Web-based interface allows suite holders to access and edit their own profiles, manage their guest tickets and guest information, order food and souvenirs, and proactively plan their events.
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