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Product Overview

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Luxium is a software solution designed specifically for stadiums and teams who want to maximize revenues from their Luxury Suites and enhance relationships with their most valuable customers. Luxium enables stadiums to:

  • Drive greater Return on Investment (ROI) through better management of suite inventory, better use of fractional suites and optimizing SRO sales – to request an ROI calculation for your stadium send an email to  
  • Conduct in-depth reporting to obtain insights into suite usage and customer data, driving new sales opportunities.
  • Provide suite holders with a web-based tool to  make it easier to manage their suite and provide them proof of ROI

In challenging economic times stadiums need to find better ways to win new suite holders and keep the ones they have happy. It is all about Return on Investment (ROI).

Win New Customers

  • With Luxium you can easily manage complex fractional suite sales that allow you to sign up smaller businesses that can’t afford even half a suite.  Currently about 6,000 customers lease most of the 18,000 suites in North America.  But there are 25 million businesses and 2.7 million high net worth individuals in America.  Being more aggressive on fractions suites is one way to get to this much larger audience.  But managing many fractional suites can be too complex to maintain in a spreadsheet.  Luxium solves that problem for you.
  • Many stadiums have suites available for individual rentals. Luxium gives you an instant view of which suites are available for any game or event and enables you to create the rental agreement in less than 60 seconds and send it to the client electronically.
  • Luxium provides stadiums with the ability to dramatically better prospect lists by being able to see which guests attended which event and in which suite (with client permission, of course).
  • Luxium provides stadiums with unprecedented reporting abilities to let you be understand your suite inventory usage.

Increase Renewals

  • Luxium has reporting tools that allow Suite Holders to see the ROI that they are getting from their suite.
  • Luxium provides your most valuable customers the ability to manage their events and invitations online from the comfort of their own office – addressing a common complaint of Suite Administrators.

Drive Additional Revenues from Optimal Suite Attendance

  • Luxium allows Suite Administrators to order food and souvenirs online at the same time that they are managing tickets.
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Luxium helps stadiums maximize revenues from their Luxury Suites and enhance relationships with their most valuable suiteholders. It is built on a combination of powerful modules that are connected to one, central database; promoting a high degree of client-stadium, cross-departmental interaction, and knowledge sharing.  Request a personal product demo with one of our sales representatives.  This demonstration will walk you through the solution features and provide you the chance to understand exactly how Luxium can help address your stadium’s specific requirements.  In challenging times every business is making careful investments in things that can show a clear Return on Investments (ROI).  To request an ROI estimate for your stadium, venue or team, send an email to
Product Summary  Product Demo  Return on Investment Calculator
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